Q:Do you rent costumes?
A:We do rent costumes to local customers. It is not cost effective for online customers to rent one costume. However, if you wish to rent several costumes, the savings in shipping may be worth it for both of us.
Q:Do you rent Bridal Gowns?
A:Typically, bridal gowns are not rented.
Q:Do you buy used bridal gowns??
A:Hmmm... I didn't. Send me a picture and some information on the dress and I will consider. Is it a Vera Wang? ;-)
Q:What is a "Theme Wedding"?
A:Many people choose to make their most special day even MORE special by holding the ceremony in a certain them, including the dress (garb), decorations, food and drink. Common themes include "Medieval Weddings", "Bride of Frankenstein" and even, "Star Wars Weddings". We draw on our decades of costumery to create an authentic, scary or just plain FUN weddding.
Q:Where are you located?
A:With the Internet, it almost doesn't matter. We ship anywhere. However, if you are in driving distance and want to stop by, browse or try an outfit on, we are located here:

Costume & Bridal Barn   
1400 Rollin Hwy.   
Hudson, MI  49247   
Q:Can we call you with questions? Can we order by phone?
A:Due to the nature of the Internet, (especially time zones) we prefer to have all online customers remain, well, online. So instead, please email us with any questions, and include your phone number. We can call you back if we feel it would help. If you must call please leave a message and we will return it ASAP. We will call you if their is a problem.